who’s getting high tomorrow for jesus?

I live somewhere in Asia 😉 but ya it's kinda weird to wear make up to school here..
- Anonymous

i live in china and a lot of people do. ( a lot of concealer and foundation, that counts right) i have a friend who wears a lot of makeup

just some late night thoughts - chan trier rhodes
Ps there is no such thing as failing at being a "girl" hope u have a nice day friend goodbye
- Anonymous

this made me smile! thank you friend! :)

Is it a social norm to wear makeup to school? Bc in my country that's possibly the weirdest thing you can do haha but whatever DONT LET OTHERS GET U DOWN U GO WITHOUT MAKEUP FOR YEARS AT A TIME IF U WANT CUZ DAMN GIRL YOU'D PROBABLY STILL LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL WERK IT
- Anonymous

a lot of people where makeup to school. where do you live? and thanks. i’m not really good with makeup, i wear the occasional eyeliner and mascara unless i’m going to a big party. WERK IT 2 GIRL

tbh i just want to cuddle with someone and watch scary movies

you're so pretty
- Anonymous

hahahhahahhaha i’m not but thanks :*

I feel like I’m failing at being a girl because some mornings I wake 10 minutes before school starts and don’t even wear makeup 6/7 days of the week.

I felt really cute today and this color edit is cool and my hair is curly ☺️☺️

snapchat me @chantrier cause I’m really bored and sometimes I’m cute and funny lol